Fund Type-Based Member Stock Balances Report

Year Month Member Fund Type
Member CodeAscending OrderTitleFund TypeNumber of FundsMarket Value (TL)
ACAACAR MENKUL DEĞERLER A.Ş.Debt Securities Umbrella Fund6.359.539212.300,19
ACAACAR MENKUL DEĞERLER A.Ş.Stock Umbrella Fund293.943.48210.072.979,11
ACAACAR MENKUL DEĞERLER A.Ş.Variable Umbrella Fund49.407.51812.322.185,58
ACPA1 CAPİTAL YATIRIM MENKUL DEĞERLER A.Ş.Debt Securities Umbrella Fund3.560.77281.873,69
ACPA1 CAPİTAL YATIRIM MENKUL DEĞERLER A.Ş.Money Market Umbrella Fund5.232.000250.063,44
ACPA1 CAPİTAL YATIRIM MENKUL DEĞERLER A.Ş.Participation Umbrella Fund381.600488.094,71
ACPA1 CAPİTAL YATIRIM MENKUL DEĞERLER A.Ş.Stock Umbrella Fund351.736336.506,88
ADBANADOLUBANK A.Ş.Liquid Fund10012,81
ADYANADOLU YATIRIM MENKUL KIYMETLER A.Ş.Variable Umbrella Fund46.00050.179,56
AFBAKTİF YATIRIM BANKASI A.Ş.Debt Securities Umbrella Fund547.01211.628,03
AFBAKTİF YATIRIM BANKASI A.Ş.Fund of Funds Umbrella Fund622.2488.952,03
AFBAKTİF YATIRIM BANKASI A.Ş.Hedge Umbrella Fund21.250.005114.831.499,52
AFBAKTİF YATIRIM BANKASI A.Ş.Money Market Umbrella Fund147.0007.025,87
AFBAKTİF YATIRIM BANKASI A.Ş.Participation Umbrella Fund7.124.7975.370.911,96
AFBAKTİF YATIRIM BANKASI A.Ş.Precious Metals Umbrella Fund1.671.35042.884,11
AFBAKTİF YATIRIM BANKASI A.Ş.Real Estate Investment Fund326.900.000326.566.767,90
AFBAKTİF YATIRIM BANKASI A.Ş.Stock Umbrella Fund47.962.8003.157.725,50

Note: Outstanding/Stock balances are provided by the Central Registry Agency on a monthly basis.

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